The Company - on historical inustrial terrain

MEDAN GmbH, a privately owned family business with innovative marketing strategies and extensive technical know-how. Founded in 1990, it has focused on the manufacture and marketing of linear actuators for the automation of simple and complex specialized work processes. Headquarters and production facility is the tradition-conscious town Bempflingen near to Reutlingen.

Since 2016 we are pleased to become a subsidiary of the Mindman International Ltd. Group from Taiwan. The internationally highly successful group will now also be available to the European market as a new supplier in the field of pneumatics.

MEDAN is a professional in the field of pneumatic or electric linear technology. As a flexible and efficient company understands MEDAN the implementation of special requirements of its customers as a natural service and performs the tasks always reliable in terms of functionality, quality and delivery of - and at competitive prices. MEDAN-products makes the versatile and can be used worldwide.